One taste of Doubleberry Frozen Yogurt, and you’ll fall in love! With 12 luscious flavors and over 70 toppings, it’s hard to decide on a favorite. So we suggest swirl, enjoy, repeat!

All of our Yo Cream yogurts are non-fat or low-fat, so they are naturally low in calories. And they feature live and active cultures your body needs. So why eat ice cream when you can eat something yummy that’s good for you too! See our nutritional information.

We also feature bulk “Grab n’ Go” containers so you can enjoy Yo Cream Frozen Yogurt at home.

Featuring 12 flavors of Yo Cream Frozen Yogurts and over 70 toppings!

Looking for a low calorie treat?
Our yogurts come in low and non-fat.

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10% off for all teams.

Conveniently located across from
Petco in the Dalles

DoubleBerry Frozen Yogurt
400 Mt. Hood Street
Suite 300, The Dalles, OR 97058
(541) 296-0775